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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Buy Buy Buy!

I am a notoriously hard person to get presents for.

Not much into bags, shoes, clothes, jewelry, diamonds or fragrance. Once you take those out, there ain't much that one can get a girl.

Things I'm in, like gadgets, books, miscellaneous knick-knacks I am factitious with the functions/ style/ color/ make.


I do appreciate a good thought tho, but those are usually short in coming :P

E usually gives up early, and pounces on the chance to pay for my shopping or air tickets instead of trying and failing to buy something, or worst, trying and buying something that begets a huh? or meh? sorry dear. I really dont mean to.

I dont really blame him, he himself is a man of simple wants and shops little except when in dire need. Most of his gorgeous stuff are from me :) but his best choice was in marrying me :D

Anyways, this year, he's given up totally after failing to entice me with thoughts of full carat jewelry or an iPad.

He's just given me a budget.

I'm lusting but undecided after the following:
- iPad
- iPod nano or touch
- Kindle
- Kinect (with Dance Central!)
- ....... suggestions welcome!
but even if I choose 1 or 2, there will still be some remaining...

I think I'm going to buy 2 lots of blue chip :)


Which 2 blue chips :P

A little late but happy new year to you, hope this year would be a good year for you.
Thanks thanks! Happy New Year to you too...

New Year, New Hope and New Beginnings and all that :)

Drop u a mail at z....14
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