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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I witnessed the aftermath of some senseless violence recently, when the victim showed me her bruises on the arm where she was grabbed, and the faint redness on her cheek where she was boxed/ slapped.

Violence in any kind is absolutely wrong. There is just no justification of ever laying hands on another, especially one weaker, no matter what. And especially due to the lost of one's self control, which shows just who is indeed weaker in the mind.

But as a car accident where there is no justification for rear-ending the car in front or worst, knocking down a person; both sides of the stories need to be presented for the judge to award degree of culpability.

Knowing both personalities, I cannot say that my sympathies lie 100% with the victim although it is clear in my conviction that any and all violence is wrong.

While I just cannot imagine that the act could not have been avoided- by tact on the part of the victim, and self-control on the part of the perpetrator, better communication before things went into a downward spiral.

Though I am practical enough to understand that things do not disintegrate/ degenerate overnight, and the path could only have led to this.

THEN WHY DID THEY GO DOWN THAT PATH? Did they not see with their eyes open? Did they not care? WHAT?!

I pray that I'll never fall victim in such a circumstance in any relationship. Be it my marriage, or with my children/ their spouse when I'm old and frail, or even my future grandchildren, or whosoever over violence of whatever kind.

I'll walk.

I'll fight back.

I might forgive but never forget.

The road to healing will be long and can never be bought.

But the power is not in the prevention or even in standing up for yourself, but in the strength of the relationship through years of building and management such that there is simply no place for violence.

But we're talking about me.

And in this case, a few well chosen useless babbles may well be enough to cover the incident for awhile, leaving nothing resolved. What a distaste it leaves in my mouth...


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