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Sunday, June 07, 2009


"Mommy, I have a surprise for you!" Kiddie E screamed as I got home.

She had gone shopping with her grandpa and bought something... it looked like a bottle of soda, not juice, not beer (just a wild guess to kid with her), not ribena...

It was a bottle of Waitrose Low Sugar Bitter Lemon

For ME.

Since becoming pregnant and with my history of gestational diabetes, I have been on a restricted carbo diet which means low sugar every thing or nothing.

Waitrose Low Sugar Bitter Lemon and Low Sugar Tonic Soda had been my savior during times of sugar cravings, especially the first.

Unfortunately they are only available from Cold Storage/ Market Place, where half the time is out of stock.

She had somehow noted my disappointment and that we didnt manage to get any during our last 2 grocery runs in the last month, while playing pretend-cashier games and pushing the trolley.

I am speechless. This is the absolutely first independent thing that she's done for me, not the obligatory class art project for mother's day etc.

Not even grandpa's doubts could persuade her to not buy it, though he did stop her from buying TWO. The only thing she got for herself and Kiddie J was a packet of Kindo Bueno each.

I am blessed with love from this young child of just a month over 7 years, borne from my loins.

There are still many things to learn as parents, but I think we've gotten some of them right.


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