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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Was driving to work and realised that my fuel gauge pointed to slightly less than 1/4 tank full. Decided to top up after work.

BIG MISTAKE, as the 2 stations closest to my office were unbelievably out of fuel after work.

I decided to drive to dinner at in-laws' before topping up since the station there is nearer than the one close to my home.

THEN the fuel alarm came up half way to dinner...

ARGH! I entertained scary thoughts of being stranded on PIE during evening traffic while I turned down the air-conditioning, free wheeling as much as possible and using the brakes as little as possible.

I knew that there was another station even nearer to my in-laws than the one I was familiar with but reluctant to explore in my circumstance.

SO I drove straight to dinner, and reported to E of my predicament.

He went off with nary a grumble to the nearest station to top up my fuel tank, arming himself with his hand phone juuuuust in case.

He made it back with a grin, and after having gone to the next nearest station as he couldnt find the nearest station too...

That warm fuzzy feeling to drive home with a full tank that night was priceless. :)


i get a warm fuzzy feeling when i fill up the printer with tons of paper too.. *cooo*
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