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Monday, March 30, 2009


Oh, the lack of posts, the most recent hospitalization and medications is because of #3.


Btw, the "dread and fingers crossing that it wouldn't happen but it did" did not refer to #3 but the weak constitution leading to high risk of real/ threatened miscarriage... which I had suffered and gridded through for both Kiddie E and Kiddie J. Juuuust in case anybody is wondering...

On a recent scan, the fetus was extremely active with the whole little being bouncing in regular intervals. E thought this might means equals boy... until the gyn said the baby was having hiccups.



Glad to know that you are ok. :D
dat's a good reason for not feeling well!
Thank you Thank you.

Still a long way to go...
i have 4 weeks! u?
Hey Ju,

Mine is still a long way to go.

Here's wishing you a safe delivery and healthy baby girl, yah?

p.s. you might want to start asking about the epidural when you arrive at the hospital carpark... :p

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