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Friday, February 13, 2009


They say that it is better to do a thing correctly the first time, or it will cause way more cost, time & effort to rectify a mistake.

I know and I have always practiced it.

Until a mindless careless offhand gesture of dropping a quick cheque in the deposit box of the wrong bank...

It took:

- 1 call to the ex-manager (it is because he is the EX-manager that I'm tying up all the loose threads) to do an phone-check to see if the bank managed to credit it, and to ask the payer if the cheque had been cleared.

- 1 call received that there was no change in bank balance. no reply on whether cheque cleared.

- 1 call to the RM of bank of the wrong deposit box, she doesnt knows what happens to wrong cheques deposited.

- 1 call from the EX-sales engineer that the payer had received the cheque (the wrong bank had mailed the cheque to the cheque-issuing bank, who mailed it back to them)

- 1 call to ascertain the location of the cheque - office in Kaki Bukit

- 45min being unable to find 18 Kakit Bukit Road 3 and there were no building numbers on the road directory.

- 3 calls later, I was told it was a red building with a kopitiam underneath it. The building was called Entrepreuner Business Center which WAS on the road directory, it was white with red awings and BLUE coloumns... I guess she just couldnt pronounce "Entrepreuner"

- parking was $0.50

- $0.27 in parking + 15min for a branch of the right bank which had since moved from Jurong East Central

- Finally finding that they moved back to the previous location in Corporation road.

= NOT to mention the cost of petrol to cover that 50km

boy, am i tired today.

and all i did was to rectify a mindless careless mistake.


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