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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Kiss

Had always been moved by the life-sized The Kiss painted by Gustav Klimt.

Not just the imagery of the possessive pose of the male holding the face of the female, almost engulfing her with his embrace and his robe, her surrender, her delicate hands and ankles, the masculine lines and blocks in the male's robe, and swirls and circles in hers, the jewelled tone of the whole painting...

Everything. The whole and every bit of it just mesmerizes me.

I had never found a satisfactory reproduction of it, they were not glittery enough, they were too small, they were too crude.

Then I found one in Vietnam, where the painting was made with shells. It was probably US$70, but it was slightly off in its translation and eventually too heavy to carry home.

Nonetheless, I took a picture of it and used it as E's calling card in my hand phone.

It was enough. For a while.

Until I chanced upon a jigzaw shop which had one completed puzzle framed up. Alas, it was a plain reproduction which was not bejewelled.

We decided to try our luck and ask if they had one with glitter. They did, and showed me a 1000 pcs puzzle. I broke my no-spending vow, and bought it with a frame, thus starting my labor of love.


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