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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Kiss - 07, 08 & 09

It is getting tougher, but at least there some shiny poppy looking flowers in the flowery ground.

And there is logic to the madness... sort of,

Thankfully I also managed to plug some holes that were left in the vines beneath the female's feet.

But once that is done, I find myself scrapping the bottom of the barrel to delay the inevitable bronze background.

I dug out all the pieces of bronze which had a small part (however small) which could fit to main picture, and that helped, like 30 pcs...

As I was shifting through the bronze pieces, i realized that the borders have different size for each side too.

Thank Goodness, or I would have either gone blind or coo-coo just when I am so close to the finish.

To my own amazement, I did managed to finish the border, and even better I can see very subtle difference in the bronze, i.e. very dark bronze vs very very dark bronze...

I hope that counts for something.


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