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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Kiss - 02

I started on the non-shiny bits which were "easier" because I didnt have to point them every which way to see the base color under different angles.

Also because they had vivid colors that corresponded to known parts the picture. The female's dress to be specific.

Unfortunately, there were so few of them. Like less than 100 pcs in 45min

So I divided those pieces with straight edges to bronze versus and colorful, and worked on the colorful ones. Not too difficult but again, too few of them. Another 50 pcs in 25min

Then I decided to dive into the shinies. Those that are pale gold but with some sort of swirly patterns to them.

Tough tough tough. But at least some of them attach to the completed dress of the female.

And time flew, cos it was 1hr 15min later that i finished that less than 100 pcs.

Argh. Sore back, stiff shoulders, blurry eyes.

But it is starting to take shape.


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