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Friday, March 28, 2008

Stupid male driver

Almost got into a MAJOR accident on Wednesday, and have only calmed down enough now to blog about it.

Was traveling from Mandai-BKE and got into the slip road to join into KJE. Yes, that fateful stretch.

Was already in lane 1 and everybody was travelling 80km/h with the lorries at a slower 50-60km/h in lane 2.

Saw from the rear view mirror that a maroon-ic sedan was cut behind lane 1 into lane 2 too fast, and I was wondering if he will brake in time before hitting the lorry just in front of me on the left.

And what did he do? HE BLOODY CUT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!

I honked at him to warn him to return to his own lane but he proceeded to cut more into my lane!!!

There was no way to brake with the car so close behind me, and all traveling so fast on the curve slip road. It was either
1. brake and be hit from behind,
2. continue and hit him (i wish i had taken this choice since he had obviously preferred me to die when i hit him, then for himself to die when he hit the lorry), or
3. let him in and go on to the white stripes on the right myself to save my own life.

I did the logical and took #3.

I was going so fast, and he so slow that, that at one point i was by his right on the white stripes and saw him looking at me (since i was still holding onto the horn), an early 30-ish chinese man in glasses BUT HE JUST LOOKED AWAY WITHOUT EVEN A WAVE OF APOLOGY!


the car behind him gave me room to move back in, and I went after the idiot.

tailgating him with 30 cm room at 120km/h, and forcing him to go faster than he is used to, since he was wavering left-right-left in the lane.

for a good 15km from KJE all the way to my exit on PIE.

stupid male driver.

i'm gonna need to change to a bigger and more aggressive car since men since to mistakenly think that a small car driven by a girl will surely be slow and therefore can overtake easily, and even if they didnt do it safely, the girl will obviously back-off and whimper in a corner.

well. FUCK YOU.


Nice drawing.

Glad you're safe.
me too.


you be safe too.
You did that with MS Paint? Gotta admit, male drivers are reckless. A fren of mine, just got his lic, drove like the road belongs to him.

Anyway, drive carefully.
I high beamed a male driver today to get back at all the bad male drivers for you
giz- yup, MS paint cos thats about all I can manage, which incidentally explains why i don't posting my pics cos i can't photoshop well. :D

hope your friend won't need to learn his lesson the hard way.

you got your license yet?
CB- awwww...

but but but you were supposed to HORN at errant drivers

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