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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My First Race

Was running late and rueing every traffic light, but luckily since i travel mostly on expressways there werent many along my route.

But i had to out from BKE to Mandai road then back to KJE as it was a shorter (and easier) route.

Nothing new as I hit the slip road from Mandai Road into KJE. 2 lane merging traffic into the long filtering lane. As i was up 1/3 into the slip road, i saw a black BMW coming up behind me and anchoring to the right. I hated being overtaken on merging traffic. Dont these people know COURTESY and to take their turns according to their place in the queue?

Without thinking much, not even the fact that my little march is going up against a BMW (3-series?), i hit the turbo button and sped up the upslope into the filtering lane.

I filtered 3 lanes out to avoid the slower heavy vehicles and and spied the BMW doing the same. My heart skipped a beat as he was closer than necessary on the medium flow traffic. I was being tailed-gated!

I filtered left quickly to the connecting BIG C road between BKE and KJE , and keeping my fingers crossed that the BMW was continuing onwards on KJE. nope.

He filtered left into the connecting road too, and took my left quickly and tried to overtake me. But there were cars in front of him, not enough for him to speed up enough to overtake me safely. He slipped back RIGHT BEHIND me. I couldnt filter left and let him through since there were other cars on the left.

We were going 120 on a 50 limit. sheesh.

Heart in mouth as i tried not to brake and have it taken further as a challenge, and fought the march from flying out of the curve.

I tried to look for an opening to filter left once we were on KJE and let him through. But there were too many heavy vehicles with little long stretches for me to filter into without applying heavy brakes.

Still being tail-gated.

I had to slow down into the bend as there may be speed cameras on bridge near Corporation Road exit.

Then i saw the BMW swerved quickly to the left to exit Choa Chu Kang

i heave a sigh of relief went on my way.

but i cant help but wonder, was i wrong for not yielding and giving MY right of way to the bully on the slip road out of mandai?

No. definitely no wrong. but my loss if i had lost control of my car. He could probably afford his loss if he ran into any problem.

Will i yield the next time?

I honestly dont know.


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