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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

zombie nation

have been living in zombie nation for the last few months, worst since returning from Korea.

- wake up tired, no matter how many hours of sleep : 3/6/9/12
- sometimes need to sleep again almost immediately upon waking up
- have nap attacks
- have complete system shut-down where i simply cant function anymore
- can fall asleep immediately upon head hitting pillow
- worry about blinking becoming a moment of shut-eye, especially when driving

it is affecting me enough to have me talking to a GP friend.

was told to get a blood test done, to rule out other stuff such as iron deficiency, being anaemic, hormone imbalances or other diseases such as diabetes and various cancers, and even depression.

when all else is negative, the remaining conclusion can only be

Chronic Fatique Syndrome

sure sounds like it

in the mean time

for a quick fix : multivatimins + ginseng for a month

i hope it works


Contrary to what you are going through, I'm the complete opposite. Have been struggling with insomnia for a couple of months already. Wish I can sleep at night.
How come? Too much on your mind?
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