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Wednesday, November 14, 2007



have been nursing a sore throat since last day in BKK last week (all that drinking there and since probably didnt help)

after the bbq on last Thurs and over the weekend, it became a vicious hacking cough with cottony bright yellow phelgm, signalling an infection somewhere.

went to the company doc on Sun night but it was a locum who looked too young, and who turned out to be too cautious to give me anti-biotics to nib the infection in the bud despite my asking for them, in the end i left with only stuff that treated the syntoms, leading to endless coughing in the night. so much so that both my ribs and back hurt from the hacking coughs, and the endless retching of thick phelgm.

when my eyes were stuck this morning with what looked like those yucky yellow stuff this morning, i went to the company doc again. and this time came away anti-biotics.


I want to get well soon.

I NEED to get well soon.

Korea Ski trip is less than a month away.


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