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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel

Been sick since middle of BKK trip last month, and yo-yo'ing between flat out misery and almost recovery (but never getting well).

5 doctors visit at 2 different clinics, the 2nd when I gave up on my company's appointed doctor.

the quacks 1st didnt give me anti-biotics despite the infection which has set in over a week; and then gave 5 days of anti-biotics (amongst various other medication) only for me to recover to not suffer as much, but not enough to get rid of the infection; and was finally foolishing optismistic that I should recover by myself, maybe just give some more anti-hisatamines...

lo and behold, i crashed and the infection came back, and stronger because the first course of antibiotics didnt kill it.

By this time, i was seriously frustrated and disgusted, not to mention severely sleep deprived since i was coughing out gooey phelgm every 5-10mins when lying down

Went to my kid's doc (not a pediatrician, a family doctor hor!), and this time was given super-duper antibiotics, 2x in the morning for 3 mornings, with the effect lasting in my blood for 1 whole week. I did recover some what and was at least not out of breath anymore, but i still wasnt sleeping much. Went back for review and this time needed only med to thin the phelgm and something else for the nose.

my lung function improved from barely 350ml per puff to 450ml per puff. Tangible improvement.

But the more important improvement was i finally gotten some decent sleep last night, waking up for only about 10 times.

thank goodness.

light a the end of the tunnel.

and just in time too.


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