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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Buddha, Geoff and Me

I've just finished reading "The Buddha, Geoff and Me"

It is an interesting book written in the 1st account which made me felt a little cheated that it was a modern story and not really real. Well, as in autobiography/ factual real, but at least none of that "A million little pieces" fabrication scandal there. AFAIK.

I digress.

It is Buddhism but not as I've learnt, supposedly from the Buddha's later teachings, specifically the Lotus Sutra.

It made me think, in a deeper manner than what had inspired me from "Tuesdays with Morris".

- That the 10 worlds are here and now, and your lifestate affects the way you perceive and interact with the world and vice-versa.

- That you do and the choices you made has an effect on you, your world and everything else.

Cause and Effect.

It may not be manifest immediately, and it may not be instantly recongisable, but why not choose the positive and let the energy accumulate? Not so much the Karma, but seriously, why not choose the positive thoughts/ actions/ over their negative counterparts?

But I AM resistant to the religious aspect of it, the many japanese words in relation to the teaching (since much was adopted from Nichiren Buddhism from Japan and practiced by SGI) and that refrain to chant, but still found myself taking a second look for the 16 words chant that was hidden.

Nonetheless, a Good book. There are somethings that one can seriously use to meditate upon and make some life changes. Juuuust not the chanting for me. no good vibes for me there.

I might buy the book for keeps since I need to return the copy i've just finished to the library.

Am thinking of buying it for some of my closest, but most of them are Christians. I wonder what they will make of my gift?


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