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Monday, September 17, 2007

Meal Etiquette

When One is being bought a meal,

but the Host is too busy to eat until the kids have been settled/fed/gone to the toilet,

One should not eat quickly and when full, tell the other companions to "Quickly eat. Dont waste. Oh gosh, I'm so full, but dont waste."

because for the very simple reason that the Host has NOT eaten yet...

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wahahahaahhaa... so no etiquette..

Pray tell what's the relation of "One" to you?
not gonna spill.

except to say that the Host took 3 helpings of the final course of fried noodle which fortunately the One and companion were too full to even contemplate.
haha... fine fine...

in future i'll bear in mind about the Host before i scope off the last of the food
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