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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Driving, almost a year on

I've become the kind of driver i used to be afraid of as a newly minted driver

I tailgate drivers who drive at the same speed as the slower lane, until they go faster/ change lane or i manage to overtake from the left. No matter how big the car in front.

I drive faster, dont ask.

I give way only if it does not impede my own progress, or am in a really good mood
If you manage to come into my lane, I will not slow down so that you can change lane leisurely, but have to go faster to ensure that you KEEP UP (which is what you are taught to do in driving school)

I have contempt for pp who
- drive fast and fast-looking car but dont drive fast
- cannot keep in lane, whether going straight or on winding roads

I horn faster and louder

BUT I am a better driver, able to see further and anticipate earlier, judging distance (both verticle and horizontal) more accurately.

I just have less patience for incompetency and indecisiveness

I only wonder: have i merely changed as a driver, or have i changed?


welcome to manhood
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