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Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Blues

It is the Monday Blues...

2 bombs dropped on me with deadline due last week and the first i'm hearing these requirements is TODAY, and it is ALREADY my fault that these are not out yet.

my boss's favorite phrase "EVERYBODY'S WAITING FOR YOU"

with already TWO staff away (1 stiiiillllll on maternity leave and intending to take extended leave, and another for a holiday to USA for almost 2 weeks)

i'm dying.

Managed to fire-fight and clear those 2 bombs, but that meant no time to do the real work that has been piling up on my in-tray. literally, the in-tray has papers 17cm thick.

dont even have time to go to the pantry for a refill of coffee/ tea (i'm living on caffeine now) which is just as well, since i also dont have time to go to the loo


I so need a break.

A REAL break, not just a weekend or a public holiday.

I need to go AWAY and conveniently leave my phone behind.

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