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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


all the happiness of fitting into a size 24 waist jeans has evaporated in the face of an emergency...

i've just found out that the staff that i'm covering for had made an error in the formula of payroll calculation since Jan 07, and upon further checking since Jan 06 too...

ALL because she had not used (+CELL*12)/(5*52*8) but had used (number*12)/(5*52*8)

AND THEN copy and pasting the that (number*12)/(5*52*8) for other staff. Since the number for each staff is different, the resulting amount is gonna be wrong.

IF it was copying and pasting (+CELL*12)/(5*52*8) to other staff, there would have not been any problem since +CELL would have pointing to the right number.

worst still, the worksheet was used for all subsequent months, and the formula copied and pasted to all new staff.

Since i was the one who found out,

i'd be the one to have to
- comb all entries in 2007 and recalculate the correct amounts
- rectify
- issue memo
- explain to all affected
- apologise

but only for 2007's

SHE will have to comb every entry for every staff for every month of 2006 when she comes back. maybe 2005 too.

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