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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Take That - Patience

I was watching Take That in Manchester on MTV and some how their new song "Patience" moved something inside me.

I've heard the song many many times, on radio while driving, while channel surfing MTV and even on a compilation CD i have in the office (it was The Rose by WestLife which i keep skipping :P), but this is the first time I've really heard it.

Take That - Patience

Just have a little patience
I'm still hurting from a love I lost,
I'm feeling your frustration,
That any minute all the pain will stop,
Just hold me close, inside, your arms, tonight,
don't be too hard on my emotions,

'Cause I~, need time.
My heart is numb, has no feeling.

So while I'm still healing,
Just try, and have a little patience.

I really wanna start over again,
I know you wanna be my salvation.
The one that I can always depend,
I'll try to be strong believe me,

I'm trying to move on,
It's complicated but understand me.

[repeat chorus]
yeah have a little patience, yeah
'Cause the scars run so deep,
It's been hard
But I have to believe.

Have a little patience,
Have a little patience,Woah,

[repeat chorus]

I'm not sure what prompted this aching,

just empathy, i hope.

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