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Monday, April 09, 2007

pesky bullfrog in my right ear

Have been irritated to nth degree.

A pesky tiny bull frog has been living in my right middle ear, grrrling every 30 sec, and the huge pillow stuffed up to the outer ear doesnt allow its escape.


Thot it was a severe case of ear wax, but eurax (to dissolve ear wax) didnt help. Went to the doc in hope that he will flush out the ear wax and i can regain normal hearing.

Nope, very little ear wax. Not infection. No perforation of ear drums. I dont see why the problem


Maybe caused by blocked nose. Any cold or blocked nose?


Then there's really no reason for it.

oh good grief, does that mean we cant do anything about it?

Want to see a ENT specialist?


ok, try this med for blocked nose, in case the tube between the ear and throat is blocked.


Nurse, when dispensing the med. Here's your med for blocked nose. beat. ALSO for blocked ears.


i hope it works

(btw, my first try of merging 2 pics + stitch 2 pics + trying out layers + degree of transparency + magic wand to crop on photoshop. All WITHOUT referring to manual or help. :D)

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