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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Was in Sentosa with the family for a 3-day 2 nights holiday, but more on that later.

What eventually happened was that i pulled a back muscle while ferrying the kids on my hip around the island. They were alternately too tired, feet to painful, too scared, to walk.


it hurt when i turn my torso
it hurt when i sat down
it hurt when i got up
it hurt when i lie down
it hurt when i toss and turn in bed
it hurt when i check blindspot when driving


took a day's MC and went for a long-overdue massage at Janet's.

She managed to knead and sooth the muscle, pounding the knots into submission. Then a overhaul from top to toe, ending with foot reflexology.

I walked out feeling much better, slightly sore, but no pain.

I'm going to be so dead if and when she decides to retire

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