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Friday, March 02, 2007

Things I've learnt about driving - Part 2

More Things I've Learnt about Driving

Part 2 to Things I've earlier learnt about driving in Dec 06

- Almost hitting the 7k km mark with about 4 months of driving. crazy.

- Driving has become more intuitive and sub-concious as the km and hours piled up.

- It is no longer necessary to stare into the mirrors or road ahead to know what is going on. Glances of the surrounding cars'

* position : how far are they from mine,
* movement : what are they planning to do, obstacles? traffic lights? changing lanes?
* speed : overtaking? very old driver to avoid? manual car to avoid stopping too near behind it?
* type : heavily laden vehicles, trucks etc have slow pick up and easily overtaken; heavily modded flashy vehicles are more likely to speed/ tailgate/ weave...
* driver : some drivers are more hazardous than others...

is enough information to aid me in my driving from point A to point B.

- Experience counts. And if you dont learn from every day driving, you are bound to have to learn from costly mistakes, sooner or later.

- i am sometimes easily seduced by the sight of my car "eating up" the road as it travels, the flash of headlights from the opposite direction, the blur of things i pass.

- i like the thrill of leaning into right curves, like those joining different highways...

- More sinisterly, the seduction of high speed, my most comfortable speed being 100km/hr on highways and between 80 to 120 most days. I'm just glad that i havent got a more speedster ride, I might just go EVEN faster on them.

- Additional carparks conquered
* Changi Airport (it is so liberating to not have to queue for cabs and pay for the crazy surcharges on day trips. Max whole day parking is $17.33)
* Tong Eng Plaza (scary old building with lanes built for small cars of old)
* OCBC Center
* Capital Tower (scary tight and steep entrance and exit turns)
* Holiday Inn Atrium
* Ngee Ann City Shopping Center
* Tangs/ Marriott Hotel
* Oriental Hotel/ Marina Square
* Pioneer Mall


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