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Monday, December 11, 2006

Things I've learnt about driving

edited 13-Dec-06 to add stuff

So I've owned my car for slightly over a month now... and have hit almost 2000 km. insane

I've learnt:

- that i'm actually quite a competent reverse parker. :D (ok, so my small car helps :p )

- parking too close to the wall in a parallel lot is asking for trouble when coming out, cos you dont have enough room to reverse into before turning outwards.

- reverse sensors are just GUIDELINES, they dont sense the tyre blocks in the lot, just the wall... BOING!

- so far i've conquered parking lots in
* Far East Shopping Center
* Plaza Singapura
* Rendevous Hotel
* IRAS Buidling
* Compass Point
* Suntec
* Raffles City
* Jurong Point
* various HDB open and multi-story carparks

- Having a car changes your shopping habits. You feel like you HAVE to make your trip worthwhile by getting something since you're already paying and still paying by each pointless minute window shopping... and you will learn to strategise on parking in a central location if you need to run to a few places, to minimize carpark fees and having to look for available lots.

- Driving at the same road speed as everybody else on the road, at least in your lane, is the safest, regardless of speed limit. It is bunching and road hoggers that invites overtaking, and the latter invites recklessness in impatient drivers.

- there is NO SHAME in moving out of the 1st lane to make way for faster cars. After all, they can have the fines and demerit points.

- It is ok to make minor mistakes which doesnt leave scratches or carnage, just as long as you learn from them

- Checking blindspots before turning/ filtering/ overtaking, and periodic glances in all the mirrors is really necessary. There REALLY are blindspots.

- BE PREPARED. Study the map, visualise and remember the sequence of major road names and junctions, and plan lane changes early.

- It is important to LOOK FAR to anticipate problems and take early actions. Tho' this is easier said when done until one is comfortable driving and no longer consciously thinking about the pedals, signals, traffic lights and watching the lane markings.

- Don't TAILGATE. It shortens your view of the road and makes you vulnerable to mistakes made by the car in front.

- Use the horn when necessary (that reminds me, gotta change to a LOUDER horn *heh* )


All in all, driving imitates life, doesnt it?

Be prepared, plan (map), check (blindspots), anticipate (look far) and take necessary corrective actions (horn, change lane) are often the things you need to do in life to achieving your objectives (destination).

and the man who says that life is a journey, not a destination; may just be LOST.


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