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Thursday, March 08, 2007

I did come down with something

Went for a day trip up to KL on 6-Mar-07, missing all the fun / scare of the building shaking from the earthquake in Indonesia.

Felt progressively worst after getting into the MH flight to KL (Argh), and slowly throttled by the oppressive heat and bumpy roads in KL.

The only thing good being the yummy sirlion steak zen lunch from Genki at PJ Hilton and the very fresh thick slices of sashimi from the sashimi moriwase, toro YUM, tuna GOOD, salmon OK (at least i ate it, i've since become a salmon snob, never eating it in commoner places, whether smoked, raw or however cooked)

Reached home late in the evening and crashed out.

Splitting headache when I finally woke up on morning of 7-Mar-07 and went to the doc.

In the end, i did come down with something...

MIGRAINE and lots of medication to knock me out.

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PJ Hilton is sucha bad hotel..:(
yup, i know.

it was even WORST before the renovations, and the old wing is still as bad.

thankfully i was only there for lunch :D
yes yes... i'm doing an operational review of that hotel.. gosh, they shld just tear it down.. muhahaha..
just tell me where is the restuarant and chef relocating to IF and WHEN they do tear it down hor...
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