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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the CC-ing disease

oh good grief, i'm working with moronic postboxes who are unable to understand, analyze and come to decisions on uncommon and unpleasant situations, and most sinisterly: afraid of letting people know so.

So instead of trying harder to understand, analyze and come to decisions by thinking, asking questions and generally working harder, they CC mail.

From one to all, and all to all.

So that it would appear that they are working (just postboxing, really) and by cc-ing the WHOLE WORLD, their responsibility is miracurously SHARED!

Because ANY and ALL who were in the CC list SURELY MUST share some of the responsibility, whether by merely reading or even to hope against hope that someone might actually SOLVE WHOLE DAMN THING, no matter they are just by-standers! They are culpable for just being in the CC list. In fact, even the chap who didnt read but binned the email must take some responsibility too for not reading the email and binning it!

In the end the only logical conclusion must be, if you CC enough people enough times, you are going to be FREE!


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