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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bangkok 19~21 Mar 07


Another trip to BKK. Full out work trip, unpleasant termination meeting thrown in,

made worst with working with people who are either cowards or ignorant or both. I cant decide.

Is it cowardice if people were given very clear instructions on what and how to do, only for them to hew and haw and spent too little time and effort on the task and declared the task impossible, becos the task was unpleasant and therefore better suited for head-office people (me and my group accountant), no matter how menial the task and the documents were in Thai?

Or were they just ignorant and didnt understand, didnt know where to start, didnt know how to continue, what to get and what questions to ask? I almost gave up when i started having to draw diagrams to explain accounting concepts to dicipher what had been done and therefore what corrective entries to be made.


We were so busy that literally what we saw of the trip was (in sequence) Day 1 Airport - Office - hotel cafe dinner - hotel check in Day 2 condemned office - Office - restuarant dinner - hotel - Day 3 Office - condemned office - Office - Hotel checkout - bank - Office - Airport. Not that i minded, but the 2 trishaw-bought meals that we had while working through lunch over the 2 days gave me a severe bout of food poisioning when i returned to Singapore.

There goes my reputation of iron stomach... ARGH.

Flight & Departure

The only consolation we had was the 45min massage at the airport where 2 massuers simultaneously worked on my legs, and head/shoulders. Even though we had to cut short the session at 545pm since our flight was 6pm, i HAD to nip into Boots to buy 2 bottles of build-up remover shampoo, only to make a mad dash to the departure gate where we had to remove our laptops for xray before running in to the gate.

We made our way to our seats on board, and had barely sat down when the captain announced "all crew to your landing stations please" LOL, not a minute to spare.

There was no movie-on-demand on the return flight, and i wasnt able to finish the last bit of Dream Girls that i had started on the flight out, so i settled to watch Happy Feet WHICH i wasnt able to finish before touch down. Drat. now i have 2 movies with no endings. :(

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