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Monday, February 12, 2007


After the MOD, we were tired and hungry and needed lunch. Checked the road directory that the nearest non-Mac was Railway Mall which sounded interesting.

After parking at the previously-private-carpark, we decided to go for Raman, but walking there, we were drawn to a place called HOOKED! which sold mostly fish, with cute colorful childlike murals of undersea world on the wall, a mermaid, prawns, shells, octopus, fish, weeds etc, and TVs showing sports channel. wah! winning combination.

We took a corner table as we thought it would help contain and confine the kids, ermmm... sorta.

The menu was interesting, with lots and lots of selection for fish done in different ways, and even an "anti-fish" section people who were wanted something else or were simply anti-fish

We had 1 set meal grilled fish and a main course of baked fish, a kids meal and soup for all to share. The waitress were kindly and nice, but a little blur. It took 10 min for plain water to be served, and then they gave only 2 sets of utensils for the adults. When we asked for side plates for the kids, that came. But it took another request for the kiddy utensils to be brought out. So busy for all the work that could have been done in 1 trip.

The food was ok, but everything (including the kids meal of smiley potatos, chicken strips and fish in batter) was too peppery.

Nice, bright, happy place, kid tolerant but maybe not too kid friendly.

I think we will check out the other eateries in Railway Mall before going to Hooked again.

Unless the kids see it before we steer them away, that is.


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