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Monday, February 12, 2007

My first MOD

MOD for modification.

as in, CAR modification.


Went to autobacs in Bt Batok, and was amazed by the set up, literally a bunglow house with attached garages, different sections/ floors selling different stuff. Paint, rims, ICE, accessories, cleaning agents, wax, tyres, carpets, horns, mirrors, steering wheels, cushion covers, brake plates, gear knobs, nick-knack holders, any and everything associated with cars.

There must had been at least 20 models of horns (with maybe 10 models wired samples to test the sound and loudness).

In the end, we had chosen (as pre-determined, no more no less):
1. Philip H4 bulbs for brighter and longer distanced headlights @ $40.00 per paid, and
2. some generic WRJ Sports Type horn for louder horns @ $31.80

Was $2 for labor to change the bulbs and $30 to change the horn since it required dismantling of the bumper.

In the end, i waved my AA membership card and was given 5% discount on the horn, and 10% on the bulbs, and $10 discount on the labor for horns.

Total damage S$88.21 after GST.

not too crazy.

and hopefully not the start of itchy MOD fingers.

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