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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Between a whirlwind of work due yesterday, exercising (including the "trying to" and "hoping to"), unending housework, family and kids, i've been almost a wreck physically the last 2 months. And that's without having any kind of social life...

But a good side-effect is: I've never fallen asleep this easily, ever.

I try to finish doing whatever I was doing, and peel myself off whatever surface I was on, stumble to the bedroom, check on the kids, lie down on my pillow, snuggle into a comfortable position, and then...

i fall, like a rock down a crevise into the deep unknown, so deep that there is no bottom.

with nary a thought in my head or an urge to scratch at some itch or the wondering if i should call the police for some distant strange noise.

and before it was too soon, it was time to wake up.

I'll hang on till night falls and wait the lure of dreamless sleep.


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