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Thursday, August 03, 2006

really sick liao

i'm paying dearly for not getting medical attention for my sore throat.

it has since developed into a bronciti-cough with loads of vile viscous yellow phelgm tinged with traces of blood every now and then. despite my drinking very little (as much as possible in the circumstance)

unfortunately the medicine pouch i have is woefully ill-equipped to deal with this, with only medication for flu, diarhea, fever and migraine.

the only wish i have now is to not let this developed into anything resembling pneumonia.


my goodness me!
are you back yet!
come back now!
*ahem! big sister here speaking!*
Hope you are better, janet.

Izel been down for like a week and still recovering .. drink more plain water.
Thank you thank you.

am better now. went straight to doc after touch down and got a course of 5-days antibiotic. Crashed (i.e. rest) on 1 day MC and weekend.

at least now the phelgm is clear, and the cough no longer as hacking.
ur antibiotic course should be ending soon. are u feeling better?
Thanks Reno, am much better, but not 100% yet still coughing and some phelgm, but waaaay better. :)
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