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Monday, July 10, 2006


what do you do if you go to a seminar and talk to a few fellow attendees, exchange some namecards and information...

and then to have a quite big-shot mature man start calling you persitently for friendly chats where you are unfailingly polite (i mean he's old, must 敬老尊贤 what) and trying to set up lunch appointments where you keep telling him that you dont have time for executive lunch or be able to travel far? despite having informed him that you have 2 kids, almost never go to town (hence difficult for a meet up) and very busy at work?

is this networking?

what kind of networking?!!

i'll freak if i start getting flowers.




this type i dowan!!!
So how ... got give flowers? Or maybe chocolate in hearts shape? hee
dont joke hor... froth coming out from corners of my mouth not a pretty sight.

but heng heng i checked my office, dont have, yet.

keep your fingers crossed...
don't freak her!

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