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Monday, June 19, 2006

sick kids

whats worst than leaving 2 sick kiddies to an overseas work trip?

coming back to 2 sick kiddies who havent recovered...


had an sms from angie that kiddie k was in hospital for pneumonia and high fever while in BKK. :(
it is often worst for everybody when kiddies get sick. simple.
- they wont take the medication
- they spit out the medication
- they cry
- they fret
- they cling
- you worry
- you feel wretched and hope that you can take over their suffering
- you worry some more
- they cant sleep, you cant sleep
- you cant work
- they cant eat, you cant eat
- you really worry and think of all the unimaginables and hope that they'll never happen

the powers that be really ought to invent medication in the form of chewy jellybean bears, we parents will pay 10 times the money so that our kiddies will eat them with less fuss, and perhaps ask for a second helping, while we parents will have to gently tell them, "no, darling, you cant have more medicine."


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