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Monday, June 19, 2006


been travelling a little too much this year. tiring. not just the pre-work, the flying, the trip itself, the drinking, the post-work, and the regular work that gets piled up.

jaded too. like there is nothing new under the sun. i dont remember the last time actually feeling excited about anything about visiting a new country, tasting new food, seeing new sights. Happy, yes. Like visiting Yu Yuan in Shanghai, but excited? nahhh.

then it struck me, long gone are the days that i used to collect the boarding passes of places i've travelled to. these days, i almost lose them as soon as i get to my seat, or i use them as book marks for the book i happen to be reading on the plane, or whatever.

i dont even look out of the plane windows on approaching and landing any more too, other than to calculate how long before we disembark...

jaded. not just a song by areosmith. was it that sad a song too?


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