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Friday, May 19, 2006


ok, i'm officially depressed.

had been having this nagging pain in the left ankle, like since forever, and i thot that it was finally on the mend when the pain is only felt when i flex it up and to the right.

although i want to train for my 1st race (Shape 10km in Jul) i wanted to make sure i do not jeopardise the recovery and make it worst.

so i started looking at gadgets. heh. what else did you expect from gadget freak here? a very interesting 1 is a wobble board that is a board mounted on a semi sphere ball. it helps to:
- train your proprioceptors (the body sensors which sense where parts of the body are even without looking. the stuff that helps you stay in bed when asleep, those that help your body to react when you miss a step so that you dont fall flat on your face etc)
- improve coordination,
- strengthen knee and ankles
- and strengthen your body core.

how you do it is this:

went checking on how much and where to buy it too. about S$50 for the cheapest one made of plastic on the net before shipping. none in aibi. gonna check other local stores for an alternative called bosu ball too. way more expensive but more versatile and i've seen it in gyms.

ok, so why am i depressed?

because i work up this morning with a frozen left ankle which was painful even as i walk, without flexing it. AAARRRGGGHHHHH!


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