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Friday, April 28, 2006

It actually did get worst

Unlike yesterday where i was lucid enough to complete the reading of Hour Game by David Baldacci.

It was interesting but a little sloppy as in some loose threads were not tied up clean enough, like the part of King finding out that Remmy liked her coffee with a dash of jim beam from a tissue he used to wipe her spill, but there was no mention of the spill anywhere. Otherwise it was an ok read, lots of things going on but easy to follow.

Anyways, today's different. I couldnt even sit up straight, the cough did come, and my head was pounding like crazy, had to take the prescribed paracedomols AND to from the stock of migraine medicine that i've stashed away for an emergency. Then i was effectively drugged out most of the day, couldnt even read the newspapers much.

Thankfully CNA's coverage of Singapore's nomination day was entertaining enough. What with the thinking-of-sacking-No-i-wasnt-aware-No-such-thing flip flop over CSJ. Disgrace. To the party, the opposition cause and the country.


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