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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

so busy i could cry

i'm busy, very busy, extremely busy, overwhelmingly busy.

so busy that i eat my lunch in, drink too little water, take too little toilet breaks.

so busy that i'm curt over the phone, and quick to cut pp off when it is obvious that they are wasting my time in selling me a service i dont need, dont know who they are supposed to be talking to, dont introduce their company or themselves properly. at least i still say "sorry, you caught me at a bad time, call me another day, like a month from now", "sorry, no thanks". but i know one of these days i'll starting cutting pp off by hanging up unceremoniously, or maybe i'll start screaming first.

in fact, i'm so busy i could cry.

the number of overdued tasks in Red and the ceaseless reminders on BOTH my pc and my treo ( now that i've started to synchronise my outlook with with my treo) chimes every so often that i'm beginning to hit the snooze button without seeing what was the reminder for.

and i'm starting to put in every single minute task that i'm to do, in case i forget, and for the satisfaction for checking it off when it is done, no matter how simple it was.


my back hurts, my shoulders are frozen, my eyes are bleary, i munch on too much junk/ spicy/ sour food, my headache is killing me.

i really am gonna cry.

22 days more to go before i can hand over the extra workload. i only wish that i'll have the grace to do it without laughing out loud.


Hang on there girl :)
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