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Monday, January 16, 2006

still swamped

oh good grief, had only a day of work in the office last week, and am swamped today!

plus colleague didnt hand over properly, and simi travel warrant lah, simi leave form lah, simi application form lah, ISO doc lah, authorise payment lah, what doc to keep original, what doc to copy and who to pass on to lah, what lao, all these type of nitty-gritty operational matters, i have absolutely no interest and i dont want to care, but now all my parsar.

somemore, boss monthly claim form, travel claim form also my problem.

i havent even got down to starting on my trip report, schedules and claim forms. poor people like me every cent also much claim okay?

damn, even asked me to make chinese tea.... grrrrrl. now kena tea lady, but at least he faked a few coughs and told me he no voice very kor-lian first...

and ask me to call other pp and transfer the call to him, now kena switchboard operator.

1001 things to do, and 101 email waiting for my reply, all no chance to start yet, ok, i did manage to reply to THREE emails.

tonight have to camp here liao. let me check, still got 1 instant cup noodle. at least i wont starve...

pout* pout* pout*


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