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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rainy day on leaky roof

Still swamped, but hey! that's nothing new ;)

OK... but i woke up middle of the night with diarrhea, and went and went. causing me to miss 2 hours of work this morning (more if not for E sending me to work... :* )

dont know whether it was:
- the oysters/ slipper lobster that i had on Saturday nite at Marina Mandarin buffet, or
- the laksa with extra hums that i had on Sunday for lunch, or
- the slightly undercooked chicken (it must have been, otherwise how do they make it so succulent?) or the extra helpings of ginger + garlic dip i had at soup restuarant
- the chilli from chicken rice when the canteen near work yesterday?

could have been a mixture of all 3!

didnt have time to see doc, only managed to down 2 tubes of baojiyuan, so i'm no longer going and going and going, but i still go, and have a growling (GROWLING, not GROWING... sheesh~!) stomach.

but back to being swamped, had to redo almost all the work i rushed through last night becos i had a different understanding from the boss of the system how we are implementing will work. ok, he won, and i redid the whole thing. and this time it was approved. thank goodness.

then somebody had the nerve to ask me to book his air ticket, yeah, right, i'll send you to timbuktoo on a 1-way tix. but i gamely waved surrender and told him i have too much work, plus there is SOMEBODY else who is handling this, i'm NOT the replacement for my colleague-on-maternity-leave for goodness sakes.

oops. no more instant noodle, i had the last 1 last evening.

gotta go. by the time i got home last nite, kiddies were already sleeping :(

oh gosh, i need some time to regroup, run some and read some.

but when?


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