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Monday, January 09, 2006

overwhelmed at work

argh! colleague gone on maternity leave with loose ends not handed over, and for operational issues that i no longer bothered with (ah~ the joy of delegation) and for things that were really so operational like factory maintenance (getting the grass in the compound cut etc) that i never ever had to deal with.

now i'm supposed to play the MD's secretary and make his ever-changing travel arrangements on short notice too. *#(*&%+* and to make things worst, i'm leaving for KL and BKK on short notice too, mountains of reports to read, prepare and double-check. not to mention the "company dinner" in KL that i'm not looking forward to. sigh~

gosh~ i'll still have to deal the the overflowing in-tray of my colleague.

damn. i just hope that my boss is not going to ask me to make his tea....


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