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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Comedy of Errors

Had wanted to do an LSD (Long Slow Distance) of at least 2.5hrs to prep for my marathon today, in fact needed to do so since last weekend, which was the last proper window before i need to taper to recover and conserve energy for D-day.

But a series of comedy of errors in miscommunication, wrong assumptions, mixed schedules and tardiness ensured that i never even had a chance to put on my running shoes, not to mention a long long run.

was despondent. feeling like the whole world was against me, and i could not garner a shred of support from my own family upon whom i depend on, in my quest to complete my first marathon. and that if i did comlpete it, it would have been on my own strength and time stolen from the every demands of my work and home life.

missed opportunities and miscommunication, if it werent so crushing that i wanted to cry, i might have laughed.

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