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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Plair & Ann Kyou!

I have forgotten how much fun to have a toddler who is learning to speak... or maybe the 2 older girls spoke full sentences from the get go...

Toddler V is now literally spewing words, most of them nonsense and words that sound vaguely Korean.

We try to point at things and tell her their names, starting from

1.facial and body parts
- hair (because it was the easiest to show since we can pull at them)
- nose
- eye (she will literally poke into her eye at first, but now she points at the corner, with occasional misses)
- ear
- mouth
- teeth (say eeeeEEEEE! works like a charm when you need to take a pic of her "smiling"), and oh she has so many teeth now...
- face
- toes
- fingers
- hand
- shoulder
- neck

2. Survival skills
- bao BAO (carry)
- Scared (coupled with hand clapping on chest)
- walk
- kiss (she will turn her cheek towards the kisser's mouth), and yes, it IS a survival skill. Love and affection? duh~
- corner

3. Numbers
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and at the end YaaaaAAAY

4. Shapes
- star (this was probably the first word she learnt, that the sounds mean something, it was like a light bulb going up)
- circle
- square
- heart (I love u)
- ring

5. Animals
- Meow meow cat
- Wo wo dog
- moo moo cow
- Bird
- Butterfly
- Quak quak duck
- oo oo monkey
- ssss snake

6. Things
- Airplane
- Car
- Lorry
- Van (we are in car parks a lot)
- Flower

7. Others
- Up
- Down
- Sit
- Lets go
- Again

8. Manners
- Plare (please)
- Ann Kyou (thank you)
- bye bye, see you
you gotta start them young so that they dont turn into horrible little pricks with no manners. If I fail, at least they are pricks WITH manners who will say sorry when they push you out of their way.

9. Songs
- baby baby (yes, THAT one by Justin Bieber)
- Barney song
- Happy Birthday to you (highly associated with candles, proven true again during the recent 7th lunar month when a lot of offerings were around...)
- Twinkle twinkle little star
- Hush little baby
- Row row row your boat
- The wheels of a bus
- Head and shoulders knees and toes
- Mr Sun
- Good morning
- Incy wincy little spider
- assorted chinese songs as well

I am now trying to teach her the word "tree" when we are outdoors.

"Baby, look, a tall Tree! Green Tree"
"FOur! Five! Six! SeVen! Eight! NiNE! TEN. YAAAAAAAY!!!"



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