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Monday, March 01, 2010


I actually went to 130km/h today driving to work...

I thought I was already pushing it when I used to travel at 110 to 120, trying not to tailgate anybody going lower than 105.

But the March going at 130 today was actually still relatively stable.

That only begets one point: I really should NOT buy a more powerful car if stability is the only thing stopping me from going faster...

Though I really really really hate people "targeting" to change lane in front of me based on the flawed bias that a March is more easy to overtake. NOT.

Ok, something more powerful looking and still small, maybe a swift or jazz then...


How did you managed to go 130 km/h during morning peak hour? I'll be laughing if I can go 90km/h.

Better becareful. Wait TP catch. :P
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