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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I have been posting quite little over the last several months due to braindeadness and chronic fatigue. Not to mention the fact that mommy / baby antics and such may not be much of a fun read for most people.

So it really isn't surprising that the return rate and hit rate for my blog has gone down to new lows (not that I was "really" counting) and for the 5 2 of you who are still reading my blog, this is for you. :)

I have started the blog Jun 2006 as an exercise on writing and keeping certain memories alive/ or a platform to speak about things close to my heart (to an empty arena not unlike Hong Lim Park).

The blog address was never listed it anywhere or mentioned it on my network/ forum profiles. I had only shared it with the closest and dearest of friends, and exchanged with a couple other friends/ bloggers.

As such, that I am being read and some of you keep coming back is a blessing. I am constantly surprised by the number of hits I get. The comments I received is cherry on a chocolate cake.

I am therefore LUCKY.

And I thank YOU .

end of touchy-feeling part of post.

So it annoyed me to no end that one blogger/ entrepreneur recently lamented that the business is doing so well that she has no time or inclination to blog, and a reader will therefore indeed be "lucky" to come by the blog to find that a new post had been put up....


I promptly deleted my bookmark for that blog.

That type of lucky I dont need!


I still come here, although i too, blog less now, for reasons different from yours.
me me ! i'm still reading ! :P
i still read!
Thank you thank you...
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