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Friday, November 13, 2009


The lack of post has been obvious and the reason equally so, thus nothing to add there. (that's about as much of an apology that any one's gonna get! :-p )

The current sad state of affairs plus the fact that I dont seem to possess the required sustained brain juice and any meaningful pockets of time required to do anything had me thinking...

Multi-tasking is NOT working.

I mean, I used to be able to have a number of mostly unrelated things going on simultaneously during any work hour:
- Working on at least 1 reports on my pc
- have ideas constructed/ organised in my head for at least another 1-2 reports
- 1 or 2 or 3 msn conversations
- an eye on the stock market
- music streaming
- an eye checking if anybody's approaching my desk (hehe)
- planning what to have for lunch
- sipping coffee/ tea

But now I just dont seem to be able to call up the processing power to do all these at the same time anymore.

Is it a case of diminished brain power through lack of sleep or dead brain cells?

Or is it simply because Multi-tasking is no longer worth it?

Ok, fine, multitasking is a misnomer. Because a person is unable to do several things that require similar cognitive power, he is simply switching from one task to another, while losing miliseconds for the connections to rewire everytime he switches. Imagine a task like counting beans, even if you are organised and have your beans painstakingly separated by 10s, 100s, and 1000s; everytime you have your attention diverted, you will need to reassess how many you've counted/ organised (nearest 10s/ 100s/1000s)before you can continue again.

Is the task switching thus counter-productive?
Is it possible for a person to be a uni-tasker?

I know there are those who say they see meaning of multitasking in the first place for those whom I've had this conversation with... you know who you are

But imagine:
- Driving without the radio on, and handphones off. You are driving.
- Talking on the phone, and stopping where you are. You are talking.
- Having a meal and not talking to your companion. You are eating.
etc etc

Not multitasking in these circumstances is just weird, because they are so ingrained in us.

Unfortunately, the discussion is moot for me.

I am just plain exhausted, uni or multi tasking.


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