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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Baby V - weight

Baby V was born weighing 1350gm, and shrink (they say it is normal) to 1130gm at the lowest in the week after birth.

Since then, she has been gaining weight (mostly) steadily between 4gm (a Singapore 20 cents coin weighs 4.5gm) and 45gm (a 4-finger bar of kit kat) a day... with an average of about 20-ish gm a day so far.

It seems so little and insignificant, but every gram counts. 1800gm until she is able to be taken off the feeding tube to be bottle fed (below that, sucking may consume more energy than what she is able to take by mouth) and 2000gm to being discharged.

She is 1762 today. Just 238gm to coming home...

Mummy and Baby V 加油, 加油, 加油 and take good care!
yay ! i'm sure that 200+g is easy for baby V !
Hey Iris... thanks :)
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