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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Limping along


I first got wind of the Pre in Jan 09 (when it was still known as the Palm Nova Device) , and booked E to get it for my Valentine's Day present with way too much blind optimism.

My birthday since passed.

Mother's Day too.

The next viable present receiving occasion is probably Christmas... if that.

Unfortunately my current crappy trusty easily-4-year old SE w800i is dying although you almost cant tell from its appearance apart from its dislocated rubber pad from the track stick and loose camera lens cover.

But I know better. It has been trying to reply to sms via voice instead of the default text mode; auto playing of mp3; battery less holding power; the increasing tendency to hang and requiring a reboot with battery removed.

So my w800i and I are limping along and ... waiting.

Oh good grief.

So when, Palm?

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