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Friday, April 03, 2009

Sex and the Baby

We haven't told #1 and #2 about the impending #3.

I'm waiting for the tummy to show enough for the kids to ask about it. I'm absolutely NOT going to tell them now, only to have them ask "where?". Plus it can only be good when the timeframe from the incessant "Is the baby coming yet" till "It is here" is shorter rather than longer.

Plus I'm not relishing the expected piles of questions kids will ask... I mean, seriously, did YOU ever ask where did YOU come from?

I did and while there were plenty of answers, none of them seem straight. Yup, I knew, even at that young age. Did you believe that you were picked up from a rubbish dump? Or some bird brought you??

Not only that, kids of my generation were so lacking in reproductive system and pregnancy information since nobody would talk about it. It was like fight club "You don't talk about it".

What I finally did learn, none came from my parents...

Anyways, while growing up, the scraps of information I received/ found out/ guessed were:

1. My parents were married a year after they met, and my granny started to watch over my mom's tummy from day 1. She was just so sure that they were getting married because my mom got pregnant.

2. I was born just about a year into their marriage. You've thought that that meant I knew I couldn't have been conceived before their marriage... NO! What did kids my age at my time know about pregnancy?
- Was it 9 months of pregnancy? or
- 10 months according to the Chinese saying of 十月怀胎
- 哪扎 was born after his mom had him for 3 years
- The only thing I was sure of was that it was impossible to have been 十年怀胎

3. Then I found out about sex... and it hit me. My parents had to have done it twice to have me and my sister.
WAITAMINUTE, maybe MORE cos maybe it doesnt work EVERYTIME, right? Say they have to try 10 times, that means 20 for me and sis.
Or was it 20 times each? It was mind boggling and I was trully disturbed for awhile.
Thank goodness I didnt catch on that they were still doing it AFTER they had us.

So I've been trying to spare my kids the agony of such uncertainty and sense of rejection.
- Who threw me away in the rubbish dump first before you came to pick me up?
- Somebody else could have picked me up!
- What kind of incompetent bird dropped me?
- And did it drop me to the correct people?
- Did I land on my head?

We started by teaching them the proper names of the human body, including reproductive organs and simple age-appropriate explanation when the need arise.

The first of which was "How do baby get inside their mommies stomach?"
Daddy put a seed into mummy and the seed will slowly grow into a baby.
Passed with FLYING COLORS there!

Thaaat's the easy one, and they haven't started again but I'm dreading the day when...

"How did Daddy put the seed into your tummy?"




Go ask your dad.


muahahah.... daddy tio sabo by mummy... :P
Hey JanJan,

Firstly, my Congratulations!!! once in a while i just visit your blog. Really have fun reading them and sometime i will just smile or even laugh after reading wat you wrote..And at time it also trigger many other thou in my mind... anyway... will still visiting once in awhile..

BTW, am still waiting very patiently for the Palm Pre!!!! keke.

Btw, wat is the best way to comm w u?? my email-id and facebook-id is davidtan@pacific.net.sg
Hey David,

Thank you thank you. Both for the hearty congrats and that my blog posts make you laugh :)

Have sent you an invite via facebook.

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