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Monday, March 30, 2009

Kids say the truest things

Since returning from hospital, I have been taking lots of medication including one jab a day with a size 23 needle, injected about an inch into the top outer quarter of my butt.

Kids found it fascinating to see E cutting the rim of the vials, snapping them and pulling the 10ml oil-based med into a syringe with a needle, wiping the injection site with antiseptic wipe, injecting me and slapping a plaster over the pin hole.

The first few times were ok with a pain level of 4 on an ascending scale of 1 to 10. The injection being done on alternate butt cheeks. But since each jab leaves some residual medication at the injection site, it was pretty soon when the areas hardened with the congestion, and along with that - pain.

The pain got worst and worst and hitting level 8s and 9s, and the kids watch in morbid fascination (it's scary how it is even possible with kids these young...) as I grimace through every injection.

I decided to make it a life lesson with them by telling them about the pain, and how I am enduring it without crying, throwing tantrums or not doing it, because it is necessary, blah blah blah.

Kiddie E came back, "Yes, Mummy is not crying. Mummy only say oh-oh-ouch-ouch."



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