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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dinner at Fabianne's bistro at PP

We celebrated E's birthday and since I had a craving for meat, we went to Fabianne's bistro at PP again for dinner.

We ordered
- 1/3 panini bread with presto sauce (free)
- 1 panini bread with presto sauce cos E loves bread and becos our very nice/ friendly/ attentive server, Ana had misinformed us about the size of our mains...
- 1 spicy crab soup, good with chunky pieces of crab meat, but disturbingly like a very milky curry...
- 1 caesar salad
- 1 pan fried foie gras with very nice caramalised pineapple sauce. But portion too small (even after E let me have 2/3 of it :o )
- 1 wagyu tenderlolin which was aged for 60 days. It was nicely charred on the outside, but it was just a tad over done for our medium raw, the meat was pink but juices were not oozing out with every cut, there were no fibres in the meat and lacked the chew that i like. Not enough charred fats too. I should have gone with the striploin. :(
- 1 crackling pork belly. Basically roast pork done Brazilian style. Not crackling enough on the top, and not salty enough at the bottom. Go for the catonese style. The portion was twice what Ana had described to us, and we struggled to finish it.
- 1 guiness stout
- 1 house pour red wine which was very good and went well with the food.

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I'm not sure if I'll come back again, but those were damn good paninis...


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